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Tip of the Month
Hormones trigger hair grown on the body and face -- this is why we see unprecedented activity during puberty and menopause. And, adolescent girls, being hyperconscious of their appearance, can get into some bad habits early on concerning depilation, specifically over plucking their brows and shaving their facial hair. The brows often don't grow back, or grow back in patches, while the upper lip and chin hair may grow back with a, since shaving these areas stimulate androgens, or male hormones.

Professional brown shaping and facial waxing will prevent this regrettable habits from forming. Talk with your skin care specialist for more information.

Waxing and the Mom-to-be
For some pregnant women, hair growth can increase and can become problematic.  Waxing during pregnancy is safe.  The only caveat is that those who are pregnant may be more sensitive.  Some practitioners say that it's best only to wax through the second trimester (weeks 12-27) and not the third (weeks 28 to 40).  If you have any doubts, talk to your OB-GYN.

Electric Skin
In case you haven’t noticed, Oprah has some pull – she can turn a failing novella into a best-seller faster than you can say “we’ll be right back after these messages.” So, when Oprah had a skin care specialist to the stars demo the amazing and almost instantaneous effects of electric current on skin, it’s no wonder thousands of people were speed dialing their skin treatment center and booking an appointment for a professional treatment.

Electric current, or galvanic current, helps water-soluble skin care products penetrate deeper into the skin than they can on their own. Electric current also helps increase cell renewal, and leaves skin firm and hydrated. Our vote? It works! But it isn't for everyone – those who have a history of epilepsy, neurological disorders or metal implants (such as a pacemaker) shouldn't be treated with electric current. Ask your skin therapist if its right for you!

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Skin Care Tips for Teens
Teens are bombarded with myths such as chocolate causing pimples and sun exposure healing them. It is important for them to understand how the skin functions, what happens when breakouts invariably occur, and the steps they can take to clear them. The following advice about how to keep their skin clear – even simple things like turning their pillowcases inside out if they don’t have time to wash it, since hair products get transferred to the pillowcase at night and then cause breakouts on the skin. 
1. Never squeeze, pick or pop – and never use a metal implement on your skin – you increase the possibility of infection and scarring. 
2. Ice inflamed lesions twice a day to reduce swelling and redness. 
3. Do not bake in the sun thinking it will clear your acne – it will cause increased dead skin cells that clog the pores and result in even more breakouts. 
4. Breakouts don’t mean dirty skin. Avoid harsh soaps, rough washcloths and scrubs containing nutshells – they cause irritation and worsen acne. 
5. Use skin care products and makeup that are perfume and oil free and non-comedogenic (won’t contribute to blackheads). 
6. Drink plenty of water and eat leafy greens – water provides hydration and vegetables help the digestive tract eliminate wastes so the skin’t have to. 
7. Get seven to eight hours sleep each night – not sleeping enough can cause physical stress making it difficult to clear acne. 
8. Food allergies may aggravate acne – most common include dairy, wheat, preservatives, and iodides. 
9. Get regular skin exfoliating treatments such as enzyme peels, with steam to help prevent the buildup of skin cells in the pores. 
10. Use toothpaste for teeth, not blemishes – for mild acne, use a topical skin care product containing salicylic acid or 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Between washing use antibacterial facial wipes to remove perspiration and bacteria. 
11. Blemishes on the chin area are almost always hormone-triggered, related to a women’s monthly cycle –and this means they will appear faithfully every 28 days – keep the area especially clean and avoid resting your chin in your hand. 
12. Use glass cleaner on cell phones and phone receivers. 
13. Get plenty of exercise to help reduce stress.

If you want to clear up your skin, it is not enough to just wash your face and use the right brand of cosmetics. Healthy skin is truly a reflection of a healthy bode. Eat well, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and reduce stress as much as possible. And the most valuable tip – participate in activities that make you feel good about who you are!!!

By Debi Byrns
Clear Up Skin Care


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