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Spa Body Salt Glow Exfoliation - $50.  - A mixture of dead sea salt, nourishing clay, and moisturizing, pH balanced vegetable butters, botanical extracts and micro-minerals blended with skin-smoothing oils is gently massaged onto your body. This service gently sweeps away dead cells while depositing deep sea nutrients. Spa Body Salt Glows are great treatment to receive after a massage treatment. Body Exfoliating Treatments greatly enhance the skin's ability to recieve  for a better daily living with better skin.

Spa Back Facial - $50 - Enjoy fabulous, smooth, silky skin with a wonderful Back Facial from Spa Newbury. Start with a deep back cleansing and exfoliating session followed by customized variations of steam, and extractions (when necessary). Relax with a fabulous back massage as we soften your skin and the tissues below. We'll finish with selecting an appropriate skin type mask and moisturizer to leave your back with it's best feel and appearance ever

Stress Relief Legs Express Exfoliation - $20. - Similar to our Stress Relief Mineral Body Scrub, this service is the same except limited to the Legs including Upper Legs (quadriceps & hamstrings) and the Lower Legs (shins & calves ). A wonder service for those seeking the same treatment but in one specific zone of the body instead

Stress Relief  Neck & Shoulder Express - $45 - Stress Relief Oil . this service is limited to the Neck & Shoulder Area. A wonder service for those seeking this  treatment just in one specific zone of the body instead.

Hot Stones Aromatherapy Full Body SP Treatment - $125.- Enjoy our Hot Stones Full Body SP Treatment with Aromatherapy Essential Oils .

Hot Stones For Neck and shoulders  $55. with a Head Massage

This particular stone therapy treatment has been clinically proven to: 

  • alleviate stress and fatigue
  • relieve muscular pain and discomfort
  • increase blood circulation & oxygenation
  • boost lymphatic circulation
  • eliminate toxins
  • balance energy levels
  • rejuvenate skin and body